Multi-faith Centre

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Weekly Meditation, Tai Chi, & Yoga

Mondays ♦ Tuesdays ♦ Wednesdays Thursdays 

Mindful Moments

Offered Weekdays beginning the week of September 15

Would you like to be more calm, confident, and connected?
Join weekly opportunities Mondays through Thursdays to practice secular mindfulness meditation techniques that will increase your relaxation and resiliency. Participants are welcome to drop in at any point during the school year. No experience necessary - beginners are welcome!
Locations vary across campus.

Faith-based opportunities are also listed below as indicated.


1:00 pm

Mindfulness Mondays - Mindful Moments (secular)

With Cheryl Champagne, Health and Wellness

Where: CAPS Room B, Koffler Student Services Centre

*Entrance via Student Housing Services on 2nd floor*

2:00 pm

Yoga - Mindful Moments (secular)

With the Buddhist Psychology Student Union

Where: Multi-Purpose Room, Multi-Faith Centre

4:30 pm

Beginner MeditationMindful Moments (secular)

with St. Michael's College

Where: Basement of St. Basil's (in St. Michael's College, 50 St. Joseph St. Look for steeple, enter on west side.)

5:30 pm-9:30 pm

Meditation in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, sponsored by True Peace Sangha
Where: Main Activity Hall, 2nd floor, Multi-Faith Centre


11:00 am

Meditation - Mindful Moments (secular)

With Sara Marlowe, Kinesiology & Physical Education

Where: Dance Studio, Athletic Centre

12:00 pm Peace Prayers
A quiet, open space for reflection, meditation, thoguht, and prayer, focused on peace. People of all ethical and faith traditions are invited to share this period of unstructured contemplation.
Where: Trinity College Chapel
12:00 pm

Mindfulness - Mindful Moments (secular)

With Rehab Sciences and Dentistry 

Where: 500 University Avenue, Room 420

*Bi-weekly beginning September 30*

*Open to Dentistry and Rehab Sciences students only*

12:00 pm

Meditation - Mindful Moments (secular)

With the Faculty of Medicine

Where: Room 128, FitzGerald Building, 150 College Street

*Open to Faculty of Medicine students only*

3:10 pm

Beginner Meditation - Mindful Moments (secular)

With Brenda Toner, Health and Wellness

Where: Main Activity Hall, 2nd floor, Multi-Faith Centre

7:00 - 8:30 pm

Breath and Movement for Mental Health 

Open to students, staff, and faculty.

Where: Multi-Purpose Room, 2nd floor, Multi-Faith Centre


12:30 pm

Meditation - Mindful Moments (secular)

With Sarah Kinsley

Where: Activities Room, Hart House


12:00 pm

Mindful Parenting

With Mari Rossi

Where: Register at the link above for location information

1:00 pm

Meditation - Mindful Moments (secular)

With the Buddhist Psychology Student Union

Where: Quiet Room, Multi-Faith Centre

4:00 pm

Meditation - Mindful Moments (secular)

With the Centre for International Experience

Where: Baldwin Room, Cumberland House

7:00 - 9:00 pm

Chan Meditation

Taught by Janusz Kuras Dharma, Drum Mountain Buddhist Association
Where: Quiet Room, 3rd floor, Multi-Faith Centre