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Religions and Social Innovation Conference


When: Sunday Oct 27 to Tuesday Oct 29, 2013

Where: University of St. Michael's College at the University of Toronto
Address: 81 St. Mary Street Toronto ON Canada M5S 1J4
Free and open to the public; registration required

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An undeniable aspect of human nature is our desire for change. In this conference we intend to highlight the various ways that religious traditions and religiously-inspired movements have served and continue to serve as forces for social innovation. A common received narrative, particularly in the West, is that religions typically represent forces for conservatism in politics and civic society. Yet, in an increasingly globalized world, religious persons and movements have responded in creative ways to the challenges of various pluralist and secularist social orders. They have also inspired new political, economic or social initiatives from within their own religious frameworks. This conference will explore some of these initiatives and a range of distinctively religious expressions of innovation.


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